Why is player id banned in pubg mobile lite

Why is player id banned in pubg mobile lite – Know Full Details

Why is player id banned in pubg mobile lite: In today’s article we will know why is player id banned in pubg mobile lite? And for what reasons this happens, so let’s discuss it

The ID ban system in PUBG Mobile Lite is designed by the developer to prevent cheating in PUBG Mobile Lite as well as to prevent our ID from being banned for 10 years because when we hack, config If you use GFX tool and any third-party app, then our ID gets banned.

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Why is player id banned in pubg mobile lite

Why is player id banned in pubg mobile lite

The account we have in PUBG Mobile Lite, through which we play, there are many reasons due to which it gets banned, then let’s know about some such reasons.

  • Use any cheating tools in the PUBG Mobile Lite
  • Use any plug-in/auxiliary programs for hack
  • Any changes or replace in client file data illegally
  • Team games with cheating (hack or config) teammates multiple times.

How to protect your account from stealing
How to Protect PUBG Mobile Lite Account

  • We have to use different passwords inside each account we have in our game.
  • We do not share our account information with anyone
  • We have to use the official site of pubg mobile lite only.
  • We have to change the password of our account from time to time.

Note:- PUBG Mobile Lite has been banned in India, yet people use VPN to run it, it is not legal to do so, so our ID can be banned.

Some YouTubers id is also banned at this time? Know the reason

There are many such youtubers who do live streaming of pubg mobile lite and they use hacks to stream well, due to which their id also becomes sister, as I have told you in this article that what are the reasons. If I’d ban from then we should not use all these in our ID, otherwise our ID may also be banned.

What is Config of PUBG Mobile Lite

Talking about the config file, in pubg mobile lite, we are used to change the graphics, due to which we can increase and decrease the graphics, but this is also not legal, even our ID is banned. can.

How many bans are there in PUBG Mobile Lite?

ID can be banned in different ways, ID of pubg mobile lite sometimes gets banned even for 10 years, sometimes it gets banned for 1 day, 7 days, 15 days, it all depends on what we do. using some kind of cheat







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