Top 5 PUBG Mobile Lite Player 2021

Top 5 PUBG Mobile Lite Player: Today I will discuss with my gamers family about Top 5 player in pubg mobile Lite, in this we will know which are the 5 players who play PUBG Mobile Lite very well, who have raised the level of gaming in India. If it is then let’s know the Top 5 PUBG Mobile Lite Player.

As you know friends, gaming is becoming very much liked in India and Pubg is a very popular game, many people do it live streaming on YouTube and tell their performance, so today we will discuss those players. Can play PUBG Mobile Lite well and PUBG Mobile Lite has Pro Player

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Top 5 PUBG Mobile Lite Player
Top 5 PUBG Mobile Lite Player

Top 5 PUBG Mobile Lite players in India

1.GoD Praveen YT

GoD Praveen YT is a very good player and they play PUBG Mobile Lite very well and GoD Praveen YT also live streaming on YouTube daily, people like GoD Praveen YT a lot and because the fan following is also very much. It is more that people watch their live streaming a lot and people watch their gameplay videos a lot, if it is said in PUBG Mobile Lite, then GoD Praveen YT is very famous, it is also the leader of God esport.

2.GoD Tushar OP

GoD Tushar OP is a very famous player and also the younger brother of GoD Praveen YT, his fan following is also enough, sometimes in the live stream we get to see both the brothers together and sometimes even alone, but this Also play PUBG Mobile Lite with great pleasure in a much better way

3.Insane Lion

Insane Lion is very good players of PUBG Mobile Lite and they are known for their agility, which can be seen playing PUBG Mobile Lite in an agile way, uploading the gameplay to YouTube and also live streaming their Many people like the gameplay.

4.Melody Gamer

Their real-life name is Reo Melody and they also play pubg mobile lite very well and also do very good live streaming on YouTube and upload many of their gameplay videos, it is a very good player. Trick

Help Trick is a very good player and he plays with a cool mind in PUBG Mobile Lite, he does not get angry quickly, he also has a YouTube channel and also does live to stream of pubg mobile lite and uploads great videos of gameplay.

In this article we have known about those 5 players who play pubg mobile lite very well so I hope you got this answer then top 5 PUBG Mobile Lite player if you liked this article then you must comment.

Who is the No 1 player in PUBG Mobile Lite?

GoDpraveenYT is the no 1st player in pubg mobile lite







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