pubg mobile live stream kaise kare : best methods

pubg mobile live stream kaise kare

Friends, as we know, PUBG is a very popular game in our India and is the most played game.
Many PUBG players are also strraming this game and there are many players who are also wanting to do streaming of this game, nowadays everybody wants that we play PUBG, so why not man or even streaming it, I will tell them PUBG How is the live streaming done

Pubg mobile live stream Kaise kare
Pubg mobile live stream kaise kare

To do live streaming of PUBG Mobile or pubg mobile lite, we have to use the application, whose name I will tell you, the best application which is its name for live stream.

pubg mobile live stream kaise kare

1.Stream lab
This is a very good application to live stream from a mobile device. In this we can also use the mic and it is able to give the internal sound of the game very well and also handles the sound of the mic very well if we want to do live streaming from mobile device. Whether it is YouTube or Twitter, it is the best app, in this we also get some layout settings like chat etc.

2.Omlet Arcade
Omlet arcade is also a very good live stream app, this is a good thing that through this app, we can live stream on both Android and iOS. Its a good thing that the quality of the video in it is also good.

And the only negative point of the video which we do not get to see is that when we plug in the ear phone for live stream it is the internal sound of the game. Can not give it, so we are able to give sound only through air phones in it, in Streamlabs we can give both the sounds well.
Apart from these, there are many apps through which we can do live streaming, but from what I told you the apps are much better and give better performance.

pubg mobile live stream kaise kare

Computer or pc Live streaming
Some people also do live streaming from computer, for that if we have to run android app then we need emulator. After installing it, we can run Android apps, along with that we need two slipptar for live stream. So that we can control audio in and out, we need 1 male to 2 female and 2 male to 1 female slippter.

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