winner pass 20

pubg mobile lite winner pass 19 locked :winner pass 20 is coming 2021

winner pass 20 is coming 2021

Winner Pass 19 will soon be locked at the end of this year, meaning on 31 December it will be completely closed, then we will be presented with a new Winner Pass which will also be Pub G Mobile Light Winner Pass or in January. We will be unlocked at 7:00 am and we will be able to buy it, let’s talk about it.

Pubg Mobile Light Season 20 Winner Pass Leaked Rewards

  • In this, the outfits we will see will be related to the new year and luck.
  • New accessories related to winter season
  • Winter gun skin
  • UAZ skin related to winter
  • More feature related to winter

Pubg Mobile Light Winner Pass Season 19 Closed and Winner Pass 20 is Coming

winner pass 20
winner pass 20

How to buy Winner Pass season 20

New Winter Update Accessories
Winter gun skin
Winter Uz Skin & More
Pubag Mobile Light 20 Winner Pass
Pubg Mobile Light Winner Pass Season 19 Closed: Winner Pass 20 Coming?
How to buy Winner Pass season 20

Let me tell you that to buy this Winner Pass you will have to pay more BC than the earlier Winner Pass because the level in it has been increased from 30 to 40, we have to buy about 390 Winner Pass. BC wanted in our account

As we know pub ji mobile has been banned in India a few days ago, so we are not able to recharge any BC in it through any website, so it has become very difficult for us to get BC. So we will get some BCs by returning our old winner pass, by which we can increase our BC and buy this winner pass.

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If you want to buy this winner pass, then through this article of mine, you will be able to buy it easily, if you have any other question, then you must ask me by going to the comment box.

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If you like Pubg Mobile lite Season 20 Winner then pass it, if you have any question, you can comment.







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