Winner pass 20

Pubg Mobile lite Winner Pass Season 20 – available now

As I told you, in the same way that we have got the Winner Pass 20 in the morning today at 7:30, now we will be able to take it easily, so today we talk about what reward we have got in it. And what we need to do to get this winner pass for free

Winner pass 20
credit – Ranveer

 As the developer had given us the information given by him and from the same information we told you that it will have 40 levels but there is nothing in it, it has 30 levels as before, which are found in this update.

And what we also told you that whatever reward we get from it will be related to winter and Christmas and in the same way whatever we have got to see rewards and related to winter and Christmas.

Now let’s talk about all the prizes that we got in winner pass 20

Pubg mobile winner pass 20- updates

Winner pass 20
credit – Ranveer
  • Elf helper emote
  • Elf helper hat
  • Winter hat
  • Skin related to winter wonderland
  • Helmet skin change into shining star skin
  • Candy cane s12 k skin
  • UAZ skin related to wonerland skin
  • Scar L skin change in winter wonderland skin
  • Bagpack skin change in naughty cristmas
  • Green blessing headgear skin
  • Bc rewards and other rewards

How to upgrade winner pass 20 : steps

First of all we have to open the PUBG mobile game, after that we have to go to the lobby and first of all I have to clear that there should be 280 BC coins in our account, if we do not have 280 BC coins in our account then we will not be able to buy it

After going to the lobby, we will see that there will be the option of winner pass in the right side, we have to click on that option.

Then we will get the option to upgrade the Winner Pass, then we will click on that option and we will get all the reward.

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