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PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass : All leaked Winner Pass 20 rewards

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass 20, winner pass 19 will be closed on the last date of december this year and for us that the new winner pass will be named PUBG Mobile Lite Winner pass 20 This winner pass is 20 New Year ie 1 You will get to see it at 7:30 am on 1st January 2021 and we will also be able to purchage and I would like to tell you what we will get in it.

Winner Pass 20

We have come to know from the developers of PUBG that the game levels that we will get in PUBG Mobile Lite Winner 20 will be 40 to see, this level was previously 30 Winner Pass, which has been increased, which is an important part of this winner pass. Is updated . I will say about the all detail of winner pass 20 rewards

Pubg Mobile lite winner pass 20 : All Rewards 2021 detail

Winner Pass 20

How To purchase Winner pass 20 : leaked

Now let’s talk about what we need to do to buy Publisher winner pass 20, firstly we will need 280 BC, which we have to add to our account, only through them we will be able to buy it.

step by step purchage Winner pass 20

1.First of all we need to turn on our pubg mobile lite.
2.Then we click the winner pass option in the lobby and after clicking on it

3.After clicking, how much BC do we need for winner pass will show

4.To buy it you need a 280 BC account and you can buy and enjoy it with one click.

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So friends, you will be able to easily buy this winner pass according to these steps mentioned by me and if some other update comes out, I will first write to you its article, please stay with me.

Friends, I would also like to say that the free winner pass does not get tricked by any website or any apps and stay away from them. Winner pass will not be available for free, for this you will have to spend BC so I will keep getting you that you spoil your time Do not buy Winner Pass through BC on such sites

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