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PUBG Mobile Lite Season 35 winner pass: Release date ,leaks rewards,free winner pass 35 and more

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 35 winner pass: In pubg mobile lite, every winner pass is special in itself, we get to see a lot of new and good rewards in each new winner pass, today we will know pubg mobile lite season 35 winner pass release date, winner pass 35 leaks rewards, How To get free Winner Pass 35 and more

Season 35

Winner pass by pubg mobile lite means that there is such a collection of rewards in which we get very good items our upcoming winner pass name is season 35 winner pass in this we will get to see very good rewards in new winner pass I am telling you about the leaks rewards on the basis of leaks.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 35 winner pass Release date

In pubg lite, we get to see the winner pass on the 1st of every month, similarly our upcoming winner pass which is winner pass 35, its release date is 1st April 2022, in the same way we can also guess the next winner pass winner pass 36 Release date of 1st May 2022

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PUBG Mobile Lite Free BC

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 35 winner pass Leaks Rewards

Talking about the rewards for winner pass 33, we are likely to get very good rewards in this, so you can watch this video and get an idea of โ€‹โ€‹what kind of rewards we are going to see in this winner pass 35.

How to get free Winner Pass 35

how to get free winner pass 35 If you also want to get free winner pass 35 in pubg lite, then you must know that we need BC to get winner pass, then we have to collect a lot of BC first, then we can buy this winner pass from them. If you can, then we can read this article to earn free bc, I have told the methods of free bc in this article.

How to buy Winner Pass 35

  • First of all open pubg mobile lite
  • After knowing in the lobby, we have to click on the wp section
  • There will be winner pass 35, click on it and upgrade winner pass 35.
  • In this way you will be able to upgrade the new winner pass 35.
  1. how to get free winner pass 2022

    To get free winner pass in pubg lite we will need BC so we have to earn free bc first, after that with the help of those BC we will be able to take winner pass

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