PUBG Mobile Lite Season 30 Winner Pass: Release Date and Leaks Rewards

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 30 Winner Pass: I am going to discuss with all the gamers about PUBG Mobile Lite Season 30 Winner Pass and we will know what will be its release date as well as know about its Leaks Rewards, then you will know about it. Do read the article from beginning to end.

As we all players know that every month a new winner pass is seen in PUBG Mobile Lite and in each winner pass by the developers we also get to see very good awards in award we get new new gun skin, outfit, vehcile skin gets to see a lot of new

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 30 Winner Pass

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 30 Winner Pass Release date

By the way, the players who play PUBG Mobile Lite know that when we get to see the winner pass, but the players who do not know this, then I will tell them that we will get the PUBG Mobile Lite Season 30 winner pass on the morning of 1 November. Will be able to see it at 7:30 AM, after release we will be able to upgrade it

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PUBG Mobile Lite Season 30 Winner Pass features

If we talk about the feature, then we have got to see very good items in our winner pass which is going on, so we have to quickly complete them at WP level and which is our upcoming winner pass, in this we have to see even better items. You will also get to see new features as well, like maybe we can get to see a new colorful outfit, as well as they can also see the skin of UAZ, which we have given this information to you through leaks.

Note : PUBG Mobile Lite is ban in India, we do not recommend you to download it.

how to upgrade winner pass 30

Upgrading PUBG Mobile Lite Season 30 Winner Pass is very easy, if you want to upgrade it, then you will be able to update it very easily by following these steps given by me

  • First of all you have to open pubg mobile lite game
  • then we have to go to the lobby
  • In the lobby, we will have an option of winner pass, we have to click on that option.
  • Winner pass instead of option will be winner pass 30 and it has to be upgraded

In this way we can update winner pass 30 and collect all the awards.

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how to get free winner pass 30

To buy any item in pubg mobile lite, we would need BC, if we want to buy winner pass also, then for that we will need BC without BC we cannot buy this winner pass so first we have to earn free bc Then we will be able to buy winner pass 30 through those BC

how to get free season 30 winner pass

To get free winner pass you must first have bc so you can buy winner pass by taking free bc

winner pass 30 kab aayega

winner pass 30 Release date is 1 November 2021







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