PUBG Mobile Lite Season 23 Winner Pass; Release date, price, reward Leaks and more

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 23 Winner Pass

Season 23

PUBG Mobile Lite As all PUBG players are aware that PUBG Mobile’s Lite version is PUBG Mobile Lite which is easily supported even in devices with less specification.

In PUBG mobile Lite, we get to see new winner passes every month, in which we get to see new prizes every month, if you want to know when the season 23 winner pass, then you read this article in full.

Let’s talk about what new rewards we will get in this winner pass and when it will be released, then talk about the details of it.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 23 Winner Pass Release date And Price

The release date of Winner pass 23 is April 1, we will get to see it in our PUBG Mobile Lite on April 1 at 7:30 am and its price will be only 280 BC, we can upgrade it to 280 BC

As we know, we get a new winner pass every month in PUBG Mobile Lite, but this winner pass is 23, in this, we are going to get something different which means the Rewards in it are going to be different.

Reward Leaks of PUBG Mobile Lite Season 23 Winner Pass

Winner Pass 23 leaks If you want to see in detail, then you can watch this video in full. It has all the leaks which are mentioned.

How To Upgrade Season Winner Pass 23 of PUBG Mobile Lite

  • The first thing to do is to Open PUBG Mobile Lite.
  • We have to go to the lobby, after that we have to go to the Winner Pass option
  • There will be an option of Winner Pass Season 23 in it, we have to click on it.
  • And you will be able to buy it in 280 BC, then you have to have 280 BC
  • It has to be purchased and then the winner can enjoy the pass.

How To Get Free Winner Pass 23

If you also want to take this winner pass 23 for free, then you too can take it free, for this, I will tell you exactly the right way.

You can earn cash using any earning game or any earning application to get a Winner Pass for free, and transfer it through Paytm or any wallet and then change it to the same later. Can

Apart from this, you cannot take a winner pass in any way for free, whatever methods are told, they are only told to earn themselves because they earn through advertising but we are not able to get winner pass from them.







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