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PUBG Mobile Lite Season 21 Winner Pass: confirm the Release date and all leaks

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  • Hello friends today I will tell you all information about winner pass 21 and release date and leaked reward

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 21 Winner Pass: confirm the Release date and all leaks -Friends, in this article today, we will talk about what we will get to see winner pass 21 and what updates will be seen, then we talk about winner pass 21

In Winner pass we got to see many new rewards but which can be expected a lot from winner pass 21 because this winner passes me reward us Hope to meet you too.

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass 21 detail

In winner pass we came to know that it has increased the levels in it, but nothing like this happened in winner pass 20, the label remained the same,

Did we see any more updates in it, now we feel that the 1.0 update in it After that it may be possible to see many rewards, it is possible to get more in winner pass 21?

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When Pubg mobile Winner Pass 21 has been released?

Now we talk about how long we will get to see the winner pass of season 21, as soon as the Winner Pass gets locked at the end of January 20 and we will get to see the new Winner Pass in Pubg Mobile, the same Winner Pass will be the new Winner Pass. Name is season 21 pass.

This Winner pass 21 we will get to see 1 February at 7:30 am and then we will be able to buy it.

Winner pass 21
PUBG Mobile Lite Season 21 Winner Pass

What update come in winner pass 21?

Now let me tell you what we will get to see in this winner pass 21, as friends are guessing that we can get a lot of rewards in this winner pass because in its update we will get many outfits, gun skin, UAZ skin Many new things can be seen.

What will the items in winner pass 21 be related to?

Friends, we discuss who will be related to the reward we will have in Winner Pass, then let me tell you that the special day we have in February will be valentine day, then maybe some outfit related to it or Then you can see other items.

How much BC required for winner pass 21?

Friends, this winner pass will be around 400 BC, to buy it, we have to spend more BC than our old winner pass.

Winner pass 21
PUBG Mobile Lite Season 21 Winner Pass

Winner pass 21 leaks rewards

  • New outfit
  • Emotes
  • Different gun skin
  • Vehicle skin change
  • New helmet skin
  • Plane skin update

In all the details of the rewards that we will get to see in this, I have told you that from whom they will be related, then we wait a little bit, we will get to see the update soon.
Still, we talk about what updates will be seen in it.

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how to upgrade winner pass 21

Step (1) First we will see that the BC we need for this should be in our wallet

Step (2)After that we will open our pub G Mobile
It will go to the lobby and there will be option of wp and click on it
Step (3)After that we will see the winner will be passed in front of us, out of that we will upgrade it as we like.

Enjoy this winner pass

So friends, if you are satisfied with this information, then tell me by commenting and you must also ask your question.

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