PUBG Mobile Lite 1.0 Update Release Date – New Update

Friends, let me tell you that the update we will see in the beta version of PUBG mobile lite is the PUBG Mobile Lite 1.0 update which will be available as soon as the new year 2021 starts.

PUBG Mobile Lite 1.0 Update Features

PUBG Mobile lite 1.0 New update There is a very big update, the size of the game in this update has been reduced as if I tell you that the TDM which has been removed from its 0.20.0. is also removed in the same way the payload 2.0 and zombie mode is also removed, let me tell you, it has been added TDM 2.0 and we have many features such people who will be seen in PUBG Mobile lite 1.0

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pubg mobile lite 1.0

According to what I have written, let me tell you that the map we will get in it will be of Vekndi, in this we will not get to see the Miramar map or training map turn as before.

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Let me also tell you that the friends of Pubg Mobile Lite Winner Pass 20 will also be increased, so in this way, it has increased those levels from 30 to 40 and the developers have to say this and let us also see the lucky spin. With the help of this, we can get a lot of walls for free and can also get rewards in new events.

As the winter season approached, the TDM Mod features were removed from PUBG Mobile and some new features have been added to it like Mountain Snow and PUBG Mobile has also added new features. We will see in this 1.0


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