PUBG Mobile global version update top 5 features in 2020

PUBG mobile global version

Today we will talk about the updates that have come in the global version of PUBG, we have got to see them, so today I will tell you about all those updates in detail, so please keep reading this post completely.

5 major features

PUBG Mobile global version

1.Lightweight installation function added

Let’s talk about the light weight installation function as we know that this function was added to the old update, but at that time the problem was that it worked only for Android users and Its size was something like 600mb and it was easily downloaded from the play store. Now it has been improved as if the player had only one map in the earlier one, that map was an orange map. You can change it by choice, you can download another, you can keep the resource pack you want to keep in it and you can delete it which you do not want to keep.

Initially, the players of PUBG I have to select and install one of the two patches in both patches and the size of its load resource pack is 329.9 MB and the size of its HD resources pack is 583 MB.

2. 90FPS enable in global version

Within the global version of Pub G Mobile, which was released on 90fps, the developers have done a final update, this update was done in the month of August as earlier I would have known that the users of one plus had some devices for which This service used to give Pub G Mobile as there was a partnership between them but it was in the beginning that they were able to enjoy 90fps but now in this global version we will have this option on all devices along with Pabzi Mobile update 1.0. Given means now it is capable of running on all devices

FPS means display quality, the more FPS we get, the better quality we get to see.

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3. Anti cheat system has updated

This is an issue which has always been one of the main issues, when we get to see this in PUBG Mobile, all the players get very upset and due to these cheats, PUBG Mobile itself gives many such updates. Lives in which he greatly enhances the security of his ant cheat. The developers of PUBG are now working well about this issue and they have made its safety very strict and have made many improvements which improve the security. Is important for

Some video is reported by the player somewhere, now the investigators of the pubic game will check it very well and will take good action by looking at the safety of the footage on their footage.

If told, with every update, the level of security that we are getting is getting improved quite well.

4.Restrict the guest account

The guest accounts that were in Pubg have also been banned in this update, that means that if a player even ranks with guest account then his ranking will not be visible and many accounts have been banned and some from one account which are limited Has been done as if the guest account is more and more limited to Gold v

 Now the guest account will be well maintained and after monitoring them, the account which has to be restricted will be restricted.

5.Restrict server change option

Previously we used to get the option of Sarwar change in the PUBG game, which the player could easily change, but now it has been restricted with updates. Now if someone changes the server then it will be confirmed from there that by the duration of the season Would like to change him ie if he changed his Server once, then he will be able to play on the same Server for the duration of the entire season.

He cannot be changed for the next 60 days. Changing Server does not mean that we We will not be able to team up with friends from different areas, we can also team up with them and if we see the match in terms of making a team, then the leader of the lobby in it will play the game on his server, this will make the game Has the facility to run very well and will also be able to enjoy matchmaking very well

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