PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary theme mode release in Erangel

PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary theme mode release in Erangel

Hello friends, how are you all hope that you will all be good, in today’s article we will talk about the 3rd Anniversary mode in PUBG Mobile, so we have got to see a small update in this PUBG Mobile We got to see the park in 3rd Anniversary mode.

As all PUBG Mobile players know that whenever we get to see an update(3rd Anniversary) in PUBG Mobile, that update is first updated in Beta PUBG Mobile.

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So that the update(3rd Anniversary) can be tested well and the deficiencies or bugs in it can be known about it. After taking complete information about all these, it is updated in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary

This is the third anniversary of Pubg Mobile, we will get to see a few parks like when we play the game and we get into the Erangel, then we will see a few parks in its interface which will be related to 3rd Anniversary. In it we will see a few banners of the 3rd Anniversary and some boxes will also be seen as if it is all related to the third anniversary, then we will also see a 3rd Anniversary cake and as we found out earlier we will have it Lift will also be seen which we can enjoy well using in the game.

PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Features- All features

Before updating this update in this game, some modifications were done in the Erangel map by the developers of PUBG Mobile, in which we got to see that some nice and colorful walls to span island. Had gone, but in its locations, we have seen theme parks in three places.

These theme parks have been very well decorated and have been seen in a lot of decorations and create an atmosphere for the 3rd Anniversary celebration.

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