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MI phone proximity sensor problem solve method – Note 9 pro problem

Mi note 9 pro sensor problem solve

Hello friends, today I will talk about some of the common problems that we often get to see. You must have noticed that inside the MI Note 9 pro mobile, we have got a problem to face that whenever we are in it or So when calling the phone or if we use any other apps like Telegram or WhatsApp in it, then the proximity sensor is turned on due to the proximity sensor in it, then after that we have to lock it several times to turn it on. If you have to press the key, then this problem is solved after a while, to solve such a problem, I will tell what we have to do.

MI proximity sensor problem

Due to this problem, the display of our phone stops repeatedly when they are calling or what app is used.

proximity sensor problem solve – steps

  • First of all we have to open the settings in our phone
  • After that click on system app setting
  • Then we have to click on “call setting
  • Then we will get the option of “incoming call setting”.
  • After opening it, we will get the option of proximity sensor and have to click on it and turn it off.
  • Then we have to restart the phone

By doing these steps mentioned by me, your problem will be solved.

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