How to make Pro Player In BGMI (Battleground Mobile India)

How to make Pro Player In BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India): All players want to play BGMI like a pro player, some players play it very well, but there are some who are not able to play it well, so today The article of How to make Pro Player In BGMI is going to be for them, we will know how to play like a Pro Player in BGMI.

By the way, all the places play bgmi but they are not able to survive much in it and some players play like a pro player, their performance is very good, so how they can play like this, know about their tips

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How to make Pro Player In BGMI
How to make Pro Player In BGMI

How to make Pro Player In BGMI

I will share with all friends the ways in which you all will be able to play bgmi like a pro player and know how to make Pro player in BGMI

Best gaming phone

First of all, we need to have a good mobile phone to run bgmi well so that we can run this game in it very well and run smoothly if we can do this then only we will be able to win the anime otherwise then our phone lags in the game

We have to keep one thing in mind while selecting a mobile phone that at least we have to take a device with 3 GB of RAM, if there is a device with less RAM, then it will not be able to play this game and there is a problem of lag in it. will get

Stable & Good Internet Speed

It is very important to have a good internet connection, only then we will be able to play BGMI like a pro player, we have to decide which network is the best in our area, we have to select it only so that ping in BGMI can be normal so that we enemy. kill easily

Gaming Headphones for BGMI

If you want to play like a pro player in bgmi, then gaming headphones also play an important role in this, if you use good headphones, then you can easily hear the sound of anime, there is no disturbance in it. We get alert and face anime if we use poor quality headphones in it then the clear sound is not available in it

Perfect Sensitivity of BGMI (Battelground Mobile India)

It is very important to have the sensitivity setting in the right way, if our sensitivity setting is proper, then we will be able to control and survive well while playing bgmi.

Crosshair Placement

We have to keep playing bgmi like a pro player, so whenever we hit the enemy with a gun, then whatever bullet is in it, try to hit it on the head as much as possible, does the enemy get more damage and he will die quickly? Goes


We use Gyroscope most of the time to do M well, this has the advantage that we are in control of our bgmi, as well as if we have Gyroscope, its setting is turned on when we suit the anime, then focus on it. It helps us a lot to do this so we have to keep this setting on in our phone and play like a pro player

Aim assist setting

To fulfill our goal, we have to prepare such a team that our teammate can understand our command and play well keeping in mind our Aim, then it is very important for us with him, so if our team will play properly then want us to have more chances to survive

TDM & Training Mode Practice

If you are not able to control bgmi well like a pro player, then, first of all, we have to play at least five to six matches in a day with TDM, it happens that when we play those small matches then our practice becomes good and we can feel very well that how we have to play the game if we practice 30 40 minutes a day then it will be enough for us to play like a pro player

I have told you very good tips on How to make Pro Player In BGMI, if you like it, then definitely tell by commenting.

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