How to Land Faster in BGMI(Battleground Mobile India): all tips and trick

How to Land Faster in BGMI: In today’s article we will know How to Land Faster in BGMI because all the players want to land on Island as soon as possible so that they can get good loot and prepare, so let’s know How to Land Faster in BGMI you must read complete this article of mine

Whenever you play any battle royal game, all the players want him to land first so that he can take a lot of Gun and many loot first because many enemy land at the same place if we are late. So it’s a great loss to us that you get down early in BGMI to get the gerenede, medkit and whatever hidden items you have.

How to Land Faster in BGMI
How to Land Faster in BGMI

How to Land Faster in BGMI

Now we will talk about some tips, with the help of which you will be able to land quickly and you will get the benefit.

BGMI If you want to land quickly, then you have to remember the heights of the location where you want to land and control the joystick better

  • First of all, you have to decide this location inside the map where you want to land and you have to land where that location is near you.
  • When you drop from the plane, you have to use the joystick immediately and on that we have to set the joystick fixed at an angle of 135° degrees.
  • Keep looking down at the ground and when we go down, we have to keep the scroll of the joystick at the bottom
  • Whenever you land, it is very important to keep the joystick on the bottom, if you move with the joystick then your speed will decrease and you will be late to land
  • Try as much as possible that where you want to land is on the left side of the screen, if it is not there then you can adjust it like this with the help of joystick
  • When we will come closer and your distance will remain only 300 meters then parachute will open automatically then the angle of your joystick is to be 90° degree
  • While gliding you don’t have to take your finger off the screen at all because if you remove it your landing speed will be very low

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How to Land Faster in BGMI – Location is below 800 Metres

  • If you are in a situation that your location is less than 800 meters away then it is very easy for you to get down.
  • When you drop off the plane, you have to keep the joystick at 90° degrees and land while looking down
  • To get down quickly, we have to keep rotating the joystick at the bottom so that we are around the same location

How to Land Faster in BGMI – Plane Path Is 1000-1200 Metres Away From Landing Location

Sometimes there is such a situation that where you want to land, it is only 1000-1200 meters away from you, I will tell you what to do in that situation.

  • You mark the other location from your plane and get an idea from that location that which distance is for us.
  • You have to get off the plane the closest you will get
  • We have to scroll down to our destination and rotate it
  • While descending we have to keep our joystick angle at 90° degree
  • If the distance is fixed to 500 meters, then after that we have to change our angle again to 135° degrees.

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