Free fire Dj alok

How To Get Free Fire DJ Alok: Free Fire DJ Alok

 Today we will talk about how to take DJ Alok character in the free fire for free. Everyone who is a player of free fire comes to mind that we also have a good looking character, the first thing in the free fire comes Dj Alok character after we take it in the free fire, we will automatically Let’s consider a capable player.

free fire dj alok

For buy Dj alok we need 599 Diamond to get the Dj alok character and to get this diamond we have to play the game if you want DJ alok to be free then you can also take it for free.

Free fire DJ alok character Read my step below carefully so that you too can take Dj alok free

free fire dj alok
Free Fire dj alok

How To Get Free Fire DJ alok

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Follow these steps

•First of all we have to start our game. 

•After starting, click on it and the character option will be there. Then the character will open.

•then click on the change option and select Dj Alok.

specialty of Dj alok’s

•Alok is ready to drop a beat because it is famous DJ. 

•Create a 5m aura after that the create  increase ally movement speed by 10%

•After do this step Restore 5 HP/s For 5s. Cannot be stacked

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how to unlock free Dj Alok character

You will need a diamond to open this character. To get a diamond, you have to take help of some earning apps. With the help of these aaps, you can earn well. You can get the diamond key by participating in any type of falls and you can also become a Winner.

 You can also take the Dj Alok character in free fire from my mentioned ways, you can also see the pro player.

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