How To Get Companion In 2021 Pubg Mobile lite ? How To get Free Falcon

How To Get falcon In Pubg Mobile lite 2021 ? 


Learn How To get Falcon : If you want to know how we take falcon or companion in pubg mobile lite so read this article. 

Falcon 2021?

 Its means a bird in the object which is not useful much, but as the player does, he follows it and he stays on the shoulder and keeps flying, just a little something that the player finds attractive.

How to get falcon in Pubg Mobile lite 2021?

Today we will talk about how to take Falcon in Pubg Mobile Lite, then I will tell you first of all we have to take Companion Points Falcon in Pubg Mobile Lite, then we have to do Lucky Spin, for Lucky Spin, we have to give someone with anything. You can spin easily but let me tell you when it is difficult to get these in company because now it has become very rare to take it.

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How To Get Companion In Pubg Mobile lite ?

If you also want that we get companion, then for this you will have to wait till the event comes, the event will come only when pubg mobile lite does not come and let me tell you that you can not get it from pubg mobile. Comes because pubg mobile light is completely switched off in India, now we have to wait that whenever pubg mobile lite becomes unban then we will get to see the event again.

We may get to hear some new updates of PUBG Mobile Mobile soon but till then we will have to wait.


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