bermuda map

How to download new Bermuda map in Free Fire: Step-by-step 2020

How to download new bermuda map in free fire

As we see in Free Fire, the map that I have been seeing for a long time has become old for all players, they want us to see some new maps, so now a new map has come in Free Fire. Whose new Bermuda map, now I will tell you how to download it, if you want to download it, then according to my step you can download it, then read the following steps carefully and follow

bermuda map
bermuda map
  • Firstly we have start the game and see top on screen the download center tab is located
  • Press the button of download center
  • After the press download center button many packs are appear in screen
  • Free fire player are press the download button after press this button downloading is started and few seconds after download is complete

As we have told you the steps above, by downloading this map, the Bermuda map will be downloaded by January 1, it will be available to the player of Free Fire and the size of its download is 85 MB, so all the players Of course, keep in mind that it is important to have so much space in your device that you can download it easily, so as soon as this map arrives, you must download it

free fire : Bermuda remastered in garena 2020
As we know a few days ago we got to see a new map which was released for the clash squad mode. This map was given to us in advance of the celebration of the celebration of the third anniversary of Free Fire. Was also available on the server

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