Hopeless land new update 2021: know complete detail of hopeless land

Hopeless land new update 2021: All players, in today’s article you will be able to know about hopeless land new update because players still have the same question in their mind, what happened with hopeless land which got banned, then you must complete reading this post.

Hopeless land new update 2021
Hopeless land new update 2021

Hopeless land ban in India

Hopeless land was also such a battle royale game that many players played and liked it very much, at the time when this game came, it was very much liked and Hopeless land new update was also very good in it. But when it got banned, all the players were very disappointed.

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As friends, you must be aware that a few days ago, Chinese apps were banned in India. The hopeless land game was also included inside the same app, so it was banned in India, when it was banned, it suddenly happened. It was announced itself, it was announced on some social sites, after that it was banned.

Hopeless Land New Update and Download 2021

Players used to like this game so much that even today they have the same desire that how we can play it and download it, so friends, I would like to tell you that Hopeless land has been completely banned all its servers. They have been closed, it is not that it has been banned only in India, but this game has been removed from all countries.

Hopeless land new update 2021

All the players of Hopeless Land will be disappointed to know that but this information is also absolutely true that Hopeless Land has been removed from all the servers and it has been completely banned.

When will be hopless land will be come?

Hopeless land will never come again because it is completely banned

How to download hopeless land apk?

we are not able to download new Update of hopeless land because it is completely banned






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