How to get Free Diamonds In Free Fire 2021 – How to Generate Diamonds in Free Fire?

How to get Free Diamonds In Free Fire 2021 – How to Generate Diamonds in Free Fire?

How to get Free Diamonds In Free Fire 2021. If you are a Free Fire player then this article of mine is going to be very helpful for you, in today’s article I will tell you how you can get a diamonds for free, then you should pay attention to this article If you fall through, you will be able to get a fixed free diamonds.

As friends you all know that as the trend of new smartphones is coming, in the same way everyone has smartphones and many people also like to play games inside the same smart phones, like Pub Pub Mobile Lite. Used to be played a lot, but now the Government of India has banned Pubg mobile, after that the most played game is Free Fire.

Free diamond
How to get Free Diamonds In Free Fire 2021

what is free fire?

Free Fire Game is also an online game. It is a Battle Royal Game, we can play it by teaming through Sarwar, if you also want to play this game then it is available on all three mobile, tablet and PC if you want to download it. If you are an Android user, you can download it from the Google Play Store and those who are ios users can download it through the App Store and enjoy playing this game.

what is free fire diamonds?

In the free fire game we get to see many such things as Gun scan, Gun Cloth, Characters and some such special characters such as DJ Alok and many of them all need diamond to buy us. With the help of diamond we are able to buy everything in Free Fire and with the help of these items we can enjoy as a pro player.

how to get diamond for free fire

Friends talk about the ways with which we can take diamond for free and with the help of diamond, you can purchase the items in free fire, then you read the methods mentioned in my mind carefully.

Google opinion rewards application

This is a special application that we get on the Google Play Store. Google Opinion Rewards is Google’s application. This application requires us to stall and do a survey and after completing those surveys we are given some money in return. Which we can easily transfer to our Google account, then with the help of them, we can purchage the diamond in free fire.

watch and earn free diamonds

Inside this, you can collect the diamond by looking at the advertisements that come in the free fire, because this is an option in the free fire where we have video advertisement shows, then we have to watch them completely and then we get some diamonds. By adopting the method, we can sour with a lot of diamonds.

Earning Apps to Get free diamonds

This is an option that we can take free diamonds in this, we have many such applications that give us the earnings, they have to use them, after installing them, they have to watch videos or watch any ad or any other step. After completing them, you can take Paytm cash or that money in a bank account for free, with that money we can do diamond Purchage.

Free fire redeem code

This is also a very good way to get diamond in free fire, in this we get a redeem code every week from Free Fire, with the help of which we can get free diamond.

Friends, we can also get the Redeem code through YouTube. There are many free fire players who do online gaming and put the redeem code there, they can also use them to get free diamonds.

Free Fire Tournaments

You can also get a diamond for free by joining the tournament in Free Fire, yes friends, as players create a custom room somewhere on YouTube and the winner of the custom room in it gives the diamond for free, so in the same way also you You have to join the tournament and win the match so that you can get free diamond.


Thank you very much for reading this article with my free diamond, if you have any question related to this article, then you must ask me by commenting.

free fire diamond hack 99,999?

If you too are thinking that you can hack into Unlimited Diamond Free Fire, then let me tell you that it is not possible at all because if you get diamond free then why do people purchase them, then I would like to advise you Do not do any activity that is free diamond hack, by doing so your account in the free fire will be permanently closed, so please stay away from all these things

Free Fire diamond hack Generator

Are you thinking of finding a generator of Diamond Hack in Free Fire or is it in your mind that there will be one such generator from which we will be able to get Diamond for free, then there is no generator that will give you free diamond. The information is absolutely correct, please do not waste your time in finding any generator, etc.

free fire unlimited diamond hack?

If you too are thinking of hacking unlimited diamonds for free, then you will not be able to do all this information is absolutely wrong, no one can do diamonds for free, but for this you will have to adopt different methods, but you have to adopt it for free. Can’t take

how to buy free diamonds?

If you want to buy diamond for free, then you will not be able to buy diamond for direct but you can get free diamond by earning money from them by resorting to some earning apps.

free diamond steps?

If you are doing any step search for free diamond, do not do this because whatever steps are stated yes do not work, the information is wrong, you can purchase free diamond by making money in any other way.






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