Free Fire Banned In India 2021 ?

Free Fire Banned In India 2021: This article is going to be very special for Free Fire players, as friends, we are getting to see this on social media Free Fire Banned In India, so is it true then we will discuss all these will be banned in Free Fire India or will not

The games that have raised the level of the game in India very high include Free Fire, people like it very much, we got to see this game in 2017 It was given that the reason behind it was something about his policy, it was a Chinese app, now as we are hearing that Free Fire will also be banned, then we are getting to see all this on social media.

Free Fire Banned In India
Free Fire Banned In India

Although there are many who are claiming that now the Free Fire game will be banned, but still no clear answer has come from our government.

It was decided by the Bangladesh High Court that all the dangerous apps that come in our cyberspace will be removed by us, but there was no such decision for India that Free Fire ban will be seen. Right now we can’t say anything about it.

Is Free Fire Banned in India in 2021 ?

It has been seen in many places on the internet and many people are telling that today Free Fire Banned In India will be done but it has not been confirmed by our government although our government had banned some Chinese apps a few days back but As of now there is no such clear answer regarding this

So friends, all these things may be proved wrong but at the moment we cannot say anything about them, for this we will have to wait only then we will know whether something like this can happen with Free Fire or not

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Free Fire Ban hoga ya nhi?

A few days ago, ADJ Naresh Kumar Lakha wrote a letter to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji and in that he had requested that we should ban games like Free Fire and BGMI Lite from India.

Our government wants that whatever app goes against our government of national security, then they should be banned and a few days ago some apps were banned like this.






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