BGMI 2 is Confirmed? Know BGMI 2 full detail

BGMI 2 Release date and features: In which article we will know that whatever news we are getting to see about BGMI 2, whether BGMI 2 will come or not, friends, today I will give you complete information about it.

We have got to see Battleground Mobile India but now we want to know that we will get to see BGMI 2, so I am going to answer all the questions related to it in this article.


Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) 2

Friends, I would like to tell you that the pre-registration of the Aplha Test of PUBG New State game has started, so from that we are guessing that the features that we will get to see in PUBG New State will be very good. Pre-Registration can be done from here, after doing pre-registration, we will be able to do alpha testing.

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PUBG is the New State which we have got to see in different countries, although we have not got to see the name of India in this, so maybe the features that we get to see in Battleground Mobile India, then this feature will be added to BGMI. to may be we get to see battleground Mobile India v2

BGMI 2 features

In the same way, it is being speculated that if we can see the features of PUBG New State in BGMI 2, no official update has come about it, battleground Mobile India 2 will be seen, it is only a guess that maybe could be possible

In today’s article, we have to know whether there is a possibility of battleground Mobile India 2 coming or why we are hearing this, then I have clarified the answer to all these questions in this article.है







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